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1. What is Atlanta Interprofessional Student Hotspotting?

We are a group of graduate and professional students from the Atlanta area that partner with Grady Memorial Hospital (Grady) to help address the non-clinical needs of patients who visit the hospital often and whose situations are medically and/or socially complex. 

2. What do we do?

We have two synergistic active learning opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients. First, we provide direct support to Grady’s high-need, high-cost (HNHC) patients by helping individuals navigate the healthcare system, develop tailored care plans, and help them work towards meeting their health goals. Second, we work collaboratively to develop and pilot a novel community-level intervention that addresses medication instability, a common root cause of readmission among Grady's HNHC patients. Note: AISH students do not provide direct clinical care. 


3. What graduate and professional programs are students a part of?

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and programs including Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Social Work, Ph.D., Business, and Law. We are always looking to expand and gain new programs to help enrich our interprofessional experience. 


4. Which universities currently collaborate with AISH?

The universities that currently collaborate with AISH include Emory University, Georgia State University, PCOM Georgia, Mercer University, and Morehouse School of Medicine.


5. What is the role of a hotspotter?

You will work in interprofessional teams to recruit patients with complex social needs, create care plans together with your team and a patient, and you will help patients build skills to navigate the health system and work towards their health goals.


6. How are AISH teams structured?

We work in small teams of 4-6 students from different academic backgrounds to grow their interpersonal skills and help patients address their goals. Our goal is for both patients and students to grow their skillsets. 


7. What skills would I gain volunteering with AISH?

You will develop interprofessional skills such as navigating the different community resources, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through working with high-need and high-cost patients in interprofessional teams. 


8. What is the time commitment for AISH?

Hotspotters are expected to dedicate 4-5 hours per week to the program.

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